Community Access, Participation and Group Activities

At Leaders Care, we prioritize the enhancement of your social skills by fostering connections within your community and surrounding networks.

Our dedicated team facilitates your involvement in preferred networks, community events, and various activities. Support workers are available to transport participants to community, social, and interactive events such as park outings, festivals, religious ceremonies, and cultural events.

We take charge of planning and managing all medical, service, personal, and government appointments, ensuring you never miss any commitments. Moreover, we organize weekly group and center-based activities, including:

  • Aboriginal Discussions, Culture & Art Lessons
  • Games
  • Art Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Music Therapy
  • Gardening (planting fruits, vegetables, and flowers)
  • Outdoor Games
  • Bright Rooms and Decorations
  • Gaming Activities
  • Days Out (Cinema, Aquariums, Parks, etc.)
  • Sports and Outdoor Games
  • Cooking and Baking Classes
  • Cultural Days
  • Life Skill Lessons

Our aim is to create a vibrant and engaging environment that supports your active participation and social integration.

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